Plan of Incentives

The Administrative Department of Science, Technology, and Innovation-Colciencias- in compliance with regulations set forth in Law 909 of 2004, and Decree 1227, with the purpose of promoting a labor culture led to quality and productivity, under a proposal of a higher level of commitment with the objectives of the entity, adopted a plan of incentives, based on Resolution 1427 of 2009, to recognize outstanding levels of labor performance of the employees.

In compliance with the provisions set forth in Resolution 1427 of 2009, the best employee running an administrative career in the entity was appointed, and also  the best administrative-career employees in each hierarchic level in Colciencias, and the corresponding incentives were given. A public recognition for an outstanding job was made, with a copy in the employee file, to the following employees:

Best Career- Employee of the entity

Name Identification Position Reward
Martha Angélica Barrantes Reyes 52.112.535 Advisor 1020-06 Course of any foreign language

Best Administrative Career- Employees of Hierarchic Levels

Name Identification Position Reward
Assistant Level
Mariana Delgado Díaz 51.663.777 Executive Secretary 4210-20 Computer
Technical Level
Esperanza Montoya 41.700.550 Technician 3100-16 Tourist Plan
Professional Level
Juan Carlos Mantilla Martínez 79.407.572 Specialized Professional 2028-15 Computer
Executive Level
Miguel R. Tobar Carrizosa 19.226.214 Cheif of Program 2084-23 Tourist Plan